You have reached the remains of the Vesper Tools website after hackers got into the aging system and started spamming the world with emails. No data has been compromised.

The shopping cart system on the old site is ancient, so time has come for an overdue complete rebuild of the site. This will surely take a week or two so please be patient and check my Instagram @vespertools for updates.

Vesper Tools is 9+ months behind production goals and out of stock of many tools. Tools IN STOCK are: 4" try squares, 10" Blackwood infilled and brass and Aly bevels, Joinery Knives regular and Mini sizes, and Cohen Knives are back in stock at long last. Double squares Inch or Metric coming in 6 weeks. Bevels 7" and 4" will be Jan/Feb. This production backlog has been building up for years like a frog in warming water. It is set to improve immediately as I have invested months of work in fitout and then moved my entire workshop to new premises. As of Sept 2nd I have begun production in the new place. I'm taking on staff to help ease the workload problem. Please continue to place orders for your desired tools and I will ship as soon as humanly possible even if it is later this year or early 2017.

Please don't email me every few weeks wondering about your order and my production - I have your order, I have not forgotten (as if I need reminding), it is not lost in the emails or the real mail. This emailing back and forth soaks up a lot of time I don't have. I'd rather be making tools.

However if you do need to contact me I can be reached here: cv "at" vespertools dot com

Chris Vesper. October 4th, 2016.